Trick Pony

On A Mission

Trick Pony


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On A Mission

Capo on 1st fret
Intro: D 
For me 12 months is a long long time 
For someone to suddenly change their mind 
      C            G                 D 
He was in and out, now it's just too late 
But I won't lose one night of sleep 
Worryin' about what was meant to be 
          C                 G             A 
Yeah, his leaving is just a reason to celebrate 

D D <---4 quick downstrums on I'm on a mission (pause) I got a cause (pause) each of these D's D I'm gonna hit every rockin' little honky tonk bar G A D And the way I'm thinkin' it oughtta be against the law D Gonna see what kinda trouble I can find D I'm on a head on collision with a real good time G A D I'm on a mission, and it's all about forgettin' tonight
D 40 hour week and I'm out the door D Seems like all I'm working for C G D Is that time when I can finally just cut loose D I got a few good friends and they're waitin' to go D Just gimme some time to change my clothes C G A Til Monday morning there ain't nothing I gotta do CHORUS F G Ain't worried about a five day, no sleep business week D No escape workin' girl blues F G A Yeah I'm just doin' what any other modern day American woman might do CHORUS G A D I'm on a mission, and it's all about forgettin' tonight D Yeah that's right baby Outro: D D <---4 quick downstrums I'm on a mission
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