Christ For The World


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Christ For The World

	  		Intro | Bb | | Gm | | Bb/F | | Eb | | 

verse 1 
          Gm            Eb Bb 
The poor, despised and overborne, 
               Gm        Eb         Bb  
The faint, the weak, and those who mourn,  
                Gm         Eb    Bb 
The plagued and sin-sick, sorrow-worn,  
     F                 Bb/D      Eb 
Our Christ can heal, with loving zeal 

verse 2 
The wandering, the wayward, and the lost  
By restless passions, conflicted, tossed,  
Redeemed at such a countless cost  
From dark despair, in triumph declare  

                Bb        F                 Gm        Eb 
Christ for the world, we sing, the world to Christ we bring 
           Bb     F   Eb 
All of its suffering untold 
       Bb       F                      Gm      Eb 
Every tribe and tongue into the strong arms of God 
               Gm                    F     Eb Bb  
Christ for the world, Christ for the world we sing! 
 (To verse 3: | Bb | Gm | Eb | )  

(To Bridge: | Bb | ) 

verse 3 
Revived and new-born souls, whose days 
Reclaimed and ransomed from sin's dark ways,  
Inspired with rising hope and praise,  
To Christ belong, and lift a joyful song  

            Cm                     Bb/D 
With us the work to share, with us reproach to dare,  
            Eb                    F 
With us the cross to bear in one accord 
            Cm                     Bb/D 
With us the work to share, with us reproach to dare,  
            Eb                     F 
With us the cross to bear for our Lord 

Outro: Same as the Intro, end on Bb 

Words by Samuel Wolcott & Marty Mikles 
Music by Marty Mikles 
Public Domain. This arrangement copyright  2011 The Salvation Army, Atlanta, GA 30329 
Used by permission. All right reserved. 
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