Tracy Chapman

I Am Yours

Tracy Chapman

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I Am Yours

(Tracy Chapman)

 D                 G 
 when all my hopes and dreams 

 D                  G 
 have been betrayed 

 D                  G  
 i stand before you 

 D                  G   
 my hands are empty 
Bm             G  
 i am yours 
 if you are mine 
 when i fall and stumble 
 flat on my face 
 when i'm shamed and humbled 
 in disgrace 
 i am yours 
 if you are mine 
 when voices call me 
 to question my faith 
 when misperception 
 taints my love with hate 
 i am yours 
 if you are mine 
 when time decides 
 it won't stop for me 
 when the hawks and vultures 
 are circling 
 i am yours 
 if you are mine 
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