Tim Minchin

Fuck The Poor

Tim Minchin

ukulele Intermediate intermediate


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Fuck The Poor

Intro: F   G   Em   F 

F            G         Em           A 
I would be a liar if I pretended to admire 
              F                   G                  C7 
The red light windscreen cleaning empire that you've built. 
F               G                Em                A 
But my heart is good, it's not a thing of stone or wood 
              F              G            C 
I'll give you fifty cents to take away my guilt.  
C      G                  Am               Em 
I give money to folk that just donā??t have enough 
   Am          Em            F            G                  C 
to try to justify the future purchases of stuff that I donā??t need. 
            G              Am          Em 
I know that one less vodka cranberry tonight 
            Am                Em           F 
and I could feed some foreign family for a fortnight 
      G                   Dm7 
But I might just have one more.  
After all, what is vodka for 
           F                                      G 
Apart from making you wanna shag your best mate's wife 
Dm7           Em7            F          G       C           G 
Dampening the guilt you feel about your perfect life. 

         C   G 
Fuck the poor 
        Am              Em 
What is all this hoo-ha for?  
             Am              Em        F    G 
There's only one reason I'll phone 1800 034 034. 
         Dm7                              Em7 
It's the force that drove Teresa and that school that Oprah built 
              F              G            C            G 
I'll give you fifty bucks to take away my guilt 

         C  G 
Fuck the poor 
        Am            Em  
I'm not pretending anymore 
       Am              Em               F            G 
That I really give two shits about some kids in Bangalore 
         Dm7                                 Em7 
I'm more interested in footy than seeing the Solomons rebuilt. 

                  F              G            C       G/B     Am    G 
But I'll give you fifty bucks to take away my guilt 
              F              G            C 
I'll give you fifty bucks to take away my guilt 
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