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Where Is My Other Half? Ukulele tab

Tim Maia

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by ang%2Dletra

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Where Is My Other Half?

      Bm             E 
Every man deserves a woman 
      Bm                  E 
Every woman deserves a man 
So Im about to ask. 
       Bm               E 
I have feel a strange vibration 
      Bm                   E 
And I had a lot of patience 
But Where is my other half 

C#m          F#m 
Can somebody say 
C#m          F#m 
Can somebody tell 
I Love her 
Will I Love her? 

C#m            F#m 
Can to hear my pray 
C#m       F#m 
Many Many ways 
Bm                   F#m 
I Wonder, Will I wonder 

I wanna why she left me 
Why she left me? 
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