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Soft Spoken Man

The Weather Station

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Soft Spoken Man

	  		Capo II 
E   A  x2 

    E    A        E 
No great auspicious day, 
E             A 
I been here so many times,  
I wasnít sure Iíd stay. 
        A         E 
I felt shy and stressed, 
    F#m              E       A       E 
was a man to my left, waiting. 
E            A         E 
It struck me, the way I saw him 
E            A        F#m 
a familiarity almost haunting. 
   A         E 
He was saying his name, 
I could hardly even hear him, 
E      A      E 
and I lean in  

A                E 
I wouldnít want to see him 
A               E            F#m   E 
I never want to see him through your eyes. 
A              E              F#m     A 
I only want to see him through mine. 
through mine 

Bm                   A               F#m 
As One in the well never minds the water, 
E                   B 
for itís clear and still.  
Bm              A               F#m 
In time light can come to be a stranger, 
E           B        
and it takes will. 
Always will. 
E       A          E 
Such a soft spoken man. 
E          A             F#m    
I had to do most of the talking. 
A           E               F#m              E      A     E 
I didnít mind, we stayed up late that night, patient. 
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