The Thomas Group

I've Got No More To Say

The Thomas Group

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I've Got No More To Say


verse 1: 

C                            D 
I've got no (got no) more to say (more to say) 
F   G         C 
Now that I've said goodbye 
C                                     D 
There's nothing left (there's nothing left) we can do 
F                    C 
To wipe those tears away from your eyes. 

verse 2: 

I've got no (got no) more to say (more to say) 
We've been through this one too many times 
I (I) just can't take (just can't take) 
All your tears and lies 

C I've tried, tried real hard Am To understand you somehow Dm But it's no use explaining and no use complaining Em Dm G If you weren't there and it ain't working out
verse 3: I've got no (got no) feelings left (feelings left) You've just about worn them out I've got no (got no) more to say (more to say) Hmm, baby, I'm gone. Instrumental: Refrain: verse 4: (Repeat verse 3) Repeat last line 2x
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