The Prayer Boat


The Prayer Boat

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Capo on 3rd fret


Intro: Am/G    Em/F#    Am/G     Am/F#   (2x) 

Am/G   Am/G  Am/F# 
"i said the first thing that came into my head..."   

G  Em  
"You said you have a friend in me who knows..." 

"...that running is not the same for everyone..." 

G  Em   D  
..."to make a fire out of the gray confusion..." 

C   Em  D 
"there's nothing on the radio..." 

"... let it go polichinelle..." 

Am/G   Em/F# 

"...where's my funny girl..." 

G    Em       
"...and everything that love can lose..." 

"...only in your mind can you choose not to live again... 
you could find your smile tomorrow..." 

G   Em   Am  D     
"...remember how i was beautiful 
and not the dark intentions of my burning sorrow..." 

C  Em  D 
"...There's nothing on the radio..." 

Am/G  Em/F# 3X  (after the third time, play D intstead of Em(/F#) 

C  Em  D 
"...There's nothing on the radio..." 
"...tonight your standing on the edge..." 
"...and hopeless tears that only i can hear..."  
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