The Police

Tea In The Sahara

The Police

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Tea In The Sahara

	  		 The recorded song only has 
bass guitar, but it still sounds alike. 

My sisters and I 
Have one wish before we die 
And it may sound strange 
As if our minds are deranged 

Please don't ask why 
Under the sheltering sky 
We have this strange obsession 
You have the means in your possession 
2 repeats these lines 4 times instead of two) 
(G) (Cadd9) Tea in the Sahara, with you (G) (Cadd9) Tea in the Sahara, with you
A young man agreed He would satisfy their needs So they danced for his pleasure With a joy you could not measure They'd wait for him here The same place every year Beneath the sheltering sky Across the desert he would fly Chorus 2 The sky turned to black Would he ever come back They would climb a high dune They would pray to the moon But he never returned So the sisters would burn As their eyes searched the night With their cups still full of sand Chorus 2 Cadd9
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