The Last Shadow Puppets

The Bourne Identity

The Last Shadow Puppets

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The Bourne Identity

F          D 
Now I know jealousy 
I caught you talking to the real me 
C                          Bb 
Can't tell you how unhappy that shit makes me 
If you hear him calling promise you'll ignore him 

F               D 
He's kind of my enemy 
Whenever I'm on to something good you see 
C                       Bb 
He always waltzes in to spoil it for me 
And I can see him starting want to break my heart then that's the way to do it 

Gm             C 
Glass-bottomed ego 
Am                              D              Gm                    C 
It's still afloat but can't you see the cracks appearing in the base 

F               D 
There ain't no ejector seat 
When you're haunted by the sweet smell of self-esteem 
C                            Bb             C 
And you've got yourself as a backseat driver 

F              D 
Spilled the unspillable beans 
And I've dreamed every single impossible dream 
C                         Bb 
I just can't remember any of the details 
Let's just have a buzz because by the time I'm done fucking beating myself up 
There'll be nothing left to love 

Gm          C       
I feel like the sequel 
Am                         D            Gm                    C 
You wanna see but you were kinda hoping they would never make 

Yeah I'm the mystery man that's been unmasked 
I'm getting caught in my own trap 
A                 A7             Dm     D 
I'm leaning in to kiss the past goodbye 
Gm                        C 
Yeah I'll be leaving now I'm making tracks 
      F          Fmaj7   D 
And I doubt that I'll be coming back 
Oh the night is young baby make it a blast 
Cause you know it's growing up so fast 

F D Bb C Bb C 

Gm             C 
Glass-bottomed ego 
Am                             Dm       F      G7                    Bbm 
I'm still afloat but can't you see the cracks appearing in the base 
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