The Kingston Trio

O Willow Waly

The Kingston Trio

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O Willow Waly

	  		Intro Cm  Fm  Cm  Fm  
        Cm  Fm  Cm  Fm  

Cm      C          Ab 
We lay my love and I  
Fm                     Cm 
Beneath the weeping willow  
Cm        Fm     Cm 
And now alone I lie  
 F                      Cm 
and weep beside the tree  
Cm         Fm      Cm       Fm            Gm  
singing "O Willow Waly" by the tree that weeps with me  
 F                Cm             Fm               Cm  
singing "O Willow Waly" till my lover returns to me 
Fm        Bb       Cm 
We lay my love and I  
Cm          Fm       Cm 
beneath the weeping willow  
Fm             Cm  
A broken heart have I 
Fm         Cm 
O willow I die 
C           C 
O willow I die   

Final Bb  Fm  Cm  Fm  
        Cm  Fm  Cm  Fm  Cm 
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