The Hellacopters

No Song Unheard

The Hellacopters



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No Song Unheard



C#m         Abm       C#m             Abm 
  Lights are out in the street where I stand 
   C#m           Abm             A             E 
It sure would be great to have a clock with no hands 
C#m     Abm             C#m           Abm 
  Met a man said he was wise and in tune 
C#m       Abm         A         E 
Lazy Sundays turn to Mondays to soon 

        C#m     Abm         C#m             Abm 
He said take my hand let us walk thru' that door 
         C#m          Abm                A           E 
I said I walk with my feet and I've been thru' it before 
C#m        Abm        C#m       Abm 
The end is nigh son I said I suppose 
C#m   Abm           A             E      
If it is we must be pretty damn close 

E B C#m Abm Ain't no stone unturned A B E No wiseguy's gonna put me down C#m Abm A E Ain't no song unheard F#m But it laughs back at you now A And that might put you down
C#m Abm C#m Abm With bloodshot eyes he was letting me know C#m Abm A E He said ten years from now I said a hundred ago C#m Abm C#m Abm Don't you leave now I know you will fail C#m Abm A E I said that's old news I'm sorry gotta bail chorus
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