The Dubliners

Tramps And Hawkers

The Dubliners

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Tramps And Hawkers

verse 1 
       G                Am     C        G     Am       G 
O come a´ ye tramps and hawker-lads an´ gaitherers o´ bla´ 
     G                 Em        G                  Am      Em 
That tramp the country roun´ and roun´, come listen one and a´ 
     G             Em     G        Em          Am     Em 
I´ll tell tae ye a rovin´ tale, o´ sights that I hae seen 
    G           Am    C         G        C      G 
Far up into the snowy north, or sooth by Gretna Green. 

verse 2 
       G               Am C    G        Am      G 
I´ve seen the high Ben Nevis a-towerin´ tae the moon 
     G                        Em     G              Am    Em 
I´ve been roun´ by Crieff an´ Callander an roun´ by Bonny Doon 
     G                Em      G        Em     Am       Em 
I´ve seen Loch Ness's silvery tide an´ places I'll tae ken 
    G           Am     C          G         C     G 
Far up into the stormy north lies Urquart´s fairy glen 

verse 3 
   G             Am     C        G      Am        G 
Ofttimes I laugh tae mysel´ as I wander alang the road 
   G                Em        G                Am        Em 
My toerags round my blistered feet, my face as broun´s a toad 
    G                  Em     G         Em        Am     Em 
Wi´ lumps o´cheese and tattie-scones or breid an´ braxie ham 
    G                  Am     C        G        C        G 
Nae thinking whar´ I´m comin´ frae nor thinkin´ whar I´m gang. 

verse 4 
     G                Am      C       G       Am     G 
I've done my share of humpin' wi' the dockers on the Clyde 
     G                 Em       G                Am       Em 
I've helped the Buckie trawlers hawl the herrin' o'er the side 
     G                   Em     G           Em        Am       Em 
I've helped to build the mighty bridge that spans the Firth o' Forth 
        G          Am       C        G          C     G 
And wi' mony Angus farmer's rig I've plowed the bonny earth 

Verse 5 
       G         Am     C      G         Am        G 
I´m happy in the summer-time beneath the dark blue sky 
    G               Em      G                  Am      Em 
Nae thinkin´ in the mornin´ where at nicht i´m gang to lie 
   G               Em  G            Em    Am      Em 
In barn or byre or anywhere dossing out among the hay 
    G              Am        C           G     C     G 
And if the weather treats me right, I´m  happy every day. 

Verse 6 
     G           Am     C             G        Am      G 
Loch Katrine and Loch Lomond, they´ve oft been seen by me 
     G                Em  G                 Am      Em 
The Dee, the Don, the Devron, that a´ flows tae the sea 
    G            Em     G      Em     Am     Em 
Dunrobin Castle, by the way, I nearly had forgot 
        G                Am         C          G        C       G 
And the reckless stanes o´cairn that mairks the hoose o´ John o´ Groat. 

Verse 7 
     G             Am   C        G     Am         G 
I´ve been by bonny Gallowa´, an´ often roun´ Stranraer 
   G                 Em  G              Am       Em 
My business leads me anywhere, I travel near an´ far 
     G               Em G     Em      Am       Em 
I´ve got that rovin´ notion I wouldna like tae loss 
    G             Am          C    G      C      G 
For It´s my daily fare an´ as much I will pay my doss. 

Verse 8 
  G                   Am      C         G      Am    G 
I think I´ll gang tae Paddy´s Lan´, I´m makin´ up my mind 
     G                 Em      G            Am        Em 
For Scotland´s greatly altered noo, I canna raise the wind 
    G               Em   G          Em   Am       Em 
But I will trust in Providence, and Providence be true 
     G                 Am     C         G      C       G 
I´ll sing ye´a song o´ Erin´s Isle when I come back to you. 
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