The Dubliners

Kelly The Boy From Killane

The Dubliners

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Kelly The Boy From Killane

           C                F          C          Am 
What's the news, what's the news oh my bold Shelmalier 
          C              G             C 
With your long barrelled guns from the sea 
           C           F              C         Am 
Say what wind from the south brings a messenger here 
          C           G            C 
With the hymn of the dawn for the free 
       F                      C 
Goodly news, goodly news do I bring youth of Forth 
       F                         G 
Goodly news shall you hear Bargy man 
        C             F             C            Am 
For the boys march at dawn from the south to the north 
       C         G             C 
Led by Kelly the boy from Killane 

        C           F              C            Am 
Tell me who is that giant with the gold curling hair 
       C            G            C 
He who rides at the head of your band 
      C           F                C         Am 
Seven feet is his height with some inches to spare 
       C            G            C 
And he looks like a king in command 
       F                           C 
Ah my boys that's the pride of the bold Shelmaliers 
            F                    G 
'Mongst our greatest of hero's a man 
           C          F           C             Am 
Fling your beavers aloft and give three ringing cheers 
          C        G             C 
For John Kelly the boy from Killane 

      C          F              C          Am 
Enniscorthy's in flames and old Wexford is won 
        C        G              C 
And tomorrow the Barrow we will cross 
     C             F            C         Am 
On a hill o'er the town we have planted a gun 
          C          G          C 
That will batter the gateway to Ross 
        F                            C 
All the Forth men and Bargy men will march o'er the heath 
           F                     G 
With brave Harvey to lead in the van 
        C           F           C           Am 
But the foremost of all in that grim gap of death 
        C         G            C 
Will be Kelly the boy from Killane 

        C           F            C           Am 
But the gold sun of freedom grew darkened at Ross 
       C          G            C 
As it set by the Slaney's red waves 
         C                F           C         Am 
And poor Wexford stripped naked, hung high on a cross 
         C                G            C 
With her heart pierced by traitors and slaves 
      F                 C 
Glory-o, glory-o to her brave sons who died 
        F                          G 
For the cause of long down-trodden man 
      C          F              C           Am 
Glory-o to Mount Leinster's own darling and pride 
          C         G            C 
Dauntless Kelly the boy from Killane 
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