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Downtown Ukulele tab

The Brobecks

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Most of the song is Am C E but the C is played like this: (except during the Chorus) 
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e|-----------------| B|-1-----1---------| D|---0---------0---| G|---------0h2-----| A|-----3-----------| E|-----------------| And when played right before the G: (No D) e|-----------------| B|-1-----1---------| D|---0-------------| G|---------0h2-----| A|-----3-----------| E|-----------------|
Am C E X4 Am C E Pretty girls in cars Am C E With the boys in bars Am C G Thank your lucky stars Am C G They didn't give you scars Am C E I've seen one street Am C E Sexy people meet Am C G Can you feel the heat Am C G You best get off this beat
C Gm Bb F Same old scene going down C Gm Bb F Let me take you downtown C Gm Bb F Would you still stick around? C Gm Bb F Let me take you downtown G I'll show you what it's all about around here
(Solo) Am C E X 4 (Same Chord Progression as Before) Well don't look at me You know it ain't my scene You're such a pretty thing With all your magazines Come on Chorus (same chord progression)
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