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Long Tall Sally Ukulele tab

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by Pete%5FTownshend

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Long Tall Sally

(Robert "Bumps" Blackwell/Enotris Johnson/Little Richard)

I'm gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John 
He said he had the music but he got a lot of fun 
C7                        G7              D7     C7                 G7     D7 
Baby, yeah now baby, woo baby, some fun tonight 
I saw Uncle John with Long Tall Sally 
He saw Aunt Mary comin' and ducked back in the alley 
Oh, baby, yeah now baby, woo baby, some fun tonight 
Solo_1:  G7  C7  G7  D7  C7  G7  D7 
Well Long Tall Sally's built pretty sweet 
She got everything that Uncle John need 
Baby, yeah now baby, woo baby, some fun tonight 
Solo_2:  D7  G7  C7  G7  D7  C7  G7  D7 
Well, we'll have some fun tonight, have some fun tonight, whoo 
C7                                 G7                                    D7                      C7       G7 
Everything's all right, have some fun tonight, have some fun, yeah, yeah, yeah, 
We're gonna have some fun tonight, have some fun tonight, whoo 
Everything's all right, have some fun tonight 
           D7                             C7                     G7    G ( X  X  0  7  8 10) 
Yeah, we'll have some fun, some fun tonight 
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Solo_1: G C7 G7 e------7-7--7-7------------------------3-6-3-----3-5-3------------------3---- B------6-6--6-6--6-----------------3-5-------3-6-------6-5-3-----------3----- G------7-7--7-7----7\5-3---3---3-5---------------------------5-3-0-6b7------- D------------------------5---5----------------------------------------------- D7 C7 G7 D7 e-----------------6/7--3-----------3------------- B-----3---3-3-3-3-5/6--3-5-3-------3-5-3---3----- G-5p3-3---3-5-3-3--------5-3---5b6---5-3-3-3--5-- D-------5--------------------5-----------5-5--4-- A---------------------------------------------5-- Solo_2: D7--4x--- G7 e-------------15-15----------15-15-15----------15-15-15-------16-------17---- B-10/12-12/15-------12-12-12----------12-12-12----------12/13----13/14------- G---------------------------------------------------------------------------- C7 G7 e-------18-------19-------20------------------------------------3-6b7-3-3---- B------------------------------------5b6--------------------3-6----------3--- G-14/15----15/16----16/17----17--5b6-5b6-6r5-3----------3--3--------------6b7 D----------------------------------------------5-3-5--5---5------------------ -----3x------ e--3------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---3----3------------------------------------------------------------------- G----6b7---5-3---3---3---5b6-6-6r5-3----------------------------------------- D--------------5---5---5-------------5-----0-------------0------------------- A--------------------------------------3/5---3/5-5\3-3/5---------------------
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