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Birdplane Ukulele tab

The Axis Of Awesome

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by deivcavalcanti

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The intro and verse 1 & 2 strumming thing: 

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e|--8----8----8----7----7----7----5----5----5----8------8------8------| b|----8----8----8----8----8----8----5----5----5----10-----10-----10---| g|------9----9---------7----7---------5----5----------10-----10-------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 (strumming thingie) I can't stand to fly I'm not that na´ve I'm just out to find The better part of me
C I'm more than a bird G I'm more than a plane Am F I'm a Birdplane C G I'm a Birdplane Am F I'm a Birdplane C G Part of me is a bird Am F The other part is a plane C G See my feathers, Hear my engines Am F My beak and my hydraulic suspensions C G Birdplane Am F I'm a Birdplane C G I'm a Birdplane Am F Check me out I'm a Birdplane
Bird whistle solo (continue with the chords until verse 2 begins then start strumming) Verse 2 I wish that I could cry And fall upon my beak Find a way to lie And pretend I'm not a freak Chorus (same chords as before) It may sound insane It might be absurd But I'm a plane And I'm also a bird You may be confused Now don't be na´ve Cause I can eat diesel flavoured birdspeed Cause I'm a Birdplane I'm a Birdplane I'm a Birdplane A motherfucking Birdplane And it's not easy to be a Birdplane
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