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007 - O Amanha Nunca Morre (2 Tema - Creditos Finais) Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by brunblazkowski

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007 - O Amanha Nunca Morre (2 Tema - Creditos Finais)

  		(intro) Gm Bbm Gm Bbm 

Gm		 F  Bbm 
Your life is a story, 
	       F    D# 
I've already written, 
	     	Dm	      D7 Gm 
The news is that I am in control 
 	    F    Bbm 
I have the power, 
   	        F     D# 
To make you surrender, 
	       Dm       D7 
Not only your body but your soul 

		Cm        Gm 
Tomorrow never dies - surrender, 
		Cm      Gm 
Tomorrow will arise on time, 
		Cm             Gm 
I'll tease and tantalise, with every line, 
      Cm         D7		   Gm 
Till you are mine, tomorrow never dies 

Whatever you're after, 
Trust me - I'll deliver, 
You relish the world that I create 

      F		   Gm 
The truth is now what I say, 
      F		    Gm 
I've taken care of yesterday... 
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