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I Don't Know Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Daniel%5FWeezer

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I Don't Know

D   A   A   D   B          (x3) 
D   A   A   D  C  B  D     (x2) 
I fell down 
   B                              D   Dsus4 D  D  Dsus4 Dsus4 D 
Got back up when no one was around 
I want you 
                                  D   Dsus4 D  D  Dsus4 Dsus4 D 
I want you to tell me what you found 
I been down 
                              D   Dsus4 D  D  Dsus4 Dsus4 D 
Lower than you think I've been 
I don't know 
                                 D   Dsus4 D  D  Dsus4 Dsus4 D 
I don't know if I know what I mean. 
But I know 
Who you are 
And I know 
Where you've been 
Yeah I know 
E--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-             A  B    A 
But I         don't    know...         I don't know... 
A  B    A       A  B   A 
I don't know if I want you. 
D   A   A   D   D   C   B   B   D 
{Same as verse chord}: 
I looked up I saw you looking down on me 
I've been here 
It isn't where I want to be. 
You know exactly what you want to do 
I don't know 
What you wanted me to be 
{Same as Chorus chord}: 
But I know 
(What you know) And I know 
(What I like)   And I know 
(What you want) And I know 
(What I want)   And I know 
But I don't know 
I don't know...I don't know 
I don't know if I want you... 
D   A   A   D   D   D   C    B   B   D    (x10) 

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