Tame Impala

Apocalypse Dreams

Tame Impala

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Apocalypse Dreams


G       Em 
Bbmaj7     C 
Eb        Ab 

G                          Em         Bbmaj7 
This could be the day that we push through 
C        Eb                      Ab           G 
It could be the day that all our dreams come true 
    Em     Bbmaj7  
For me and you 
C         Eb                  Ab     Gb 
Til we're at the end of just another day 
Eb     F 

G                       Em        Bbmaj7 
You're too terrified to try your best 
C       Eb                Ab      G 
Just to end up with an educated guess 
Em       Bbmaj7 
Blank success 
C          Eb                     Ab 
Like those times you wake up mystified 
G                    Em      Bbmaj7 
Oh, it feels so real in my sleep 
C     Eb                        Ab      G 
Never had something so close up good to me 
                        Em         Bbmaj7 
We could do any damage, could this be it 
C      Eb                             Ab        
Do you really wanna live without this feeling 
Gb                    Eb 
Everything is changin' 
            Ebmaj7    Gb     Eb 
And there's nothing I can do 
   Gb                    Eb 
My world is turning pages 
      Ebmaj7     Gb          
While I am just sitting here 
Eb    F 


G          Em 
Bbmaj7     C 
Eb         Ab 

Em           Bbmaj7 
Am I getting closer 
C           Eb 
Will I ever get there 
Ab           G 
Does it even matter 
Em          Bbmaj7 
Do I really need it 
C               Eb 
Wish that I'd remember 
Ab             G 
Am I really up there? 
Em         Bbmaj7 
Did I ever want it 
C              Eb 
Does it really matter 
       Ab         G 
It was only yesterday 
Em          Bbmaj7 
Didn't even know you 
C             Eb 
Now I'm gonna miss you 

Eb  Ebmaj7 

Eb  F 

Gb                  Eb 
Nothing ever changes 
                Gb                 Eb  Ebmaj7 
No matter how long you do your hair 
Gb        Db 
Looks the same to everyone else 
Gb                    Eb 
Everything is changin' 
                 Gb          Eb  Ebmaj7 
I guess I should warn my mom 
But she'll just be excited 

Eb   Ebmaj7  
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