Sullivan King

I've Got A Plan

Sullivan King

ukulele Intermediate intermediate


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I've Got A Plan

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Intro Am D C E Am D C B e|---------|---------|---------|---------| B|---------|---------|---------|---------| G|---------|---------|---------|---------| D|-----0-0-|-----2-2-|-----0-0-|---------| A|-0-0-----|-3-3-----|-0-0-----|-3-3-2-2-| E|---------|---------|---------|---------|

Verse 1:

D C Am - I know the chains that wrap your body G F They're too cold, they make you feel sick. D C Am - I've got a plan, it's all made up G F It's in my head, it'll do just the trick. D C Am - Just walk around all the bodies piled up G F Don't let them see your shadow. D C Am - The fire promised me it wouldn't sleep G F Until we had its glow.
D I've got a plan, got a plan Dm Dm F Gm D# Got a plan to break OUT Dm Dm F Gm D# To break OUT To break
Interlude | Am D | C E | | Am D | C B | (see Intro)

Verse 2:

D C Am - I'm not a stranger, or a friend G F Or part of your imagination. D C Am - I have an open invitation G F Welcome to the party, I'm your host.
Outro Dm Dm F Gm D# To break OUT Dm Dm F Gm D# To break OUT Dm Dm F Gm D# To break OUT
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