(No More) Mr. Nice Guys


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(No More) Mr. Nice Guys

	  		Am							 D 
Just when sin is quite the thing, there's one  
who holds quite tight to what had worked before  
What's his outlet, what's his secret,  
      D                             Am 
is it something one can buy at some drug store?  
Could the gospel be his girl,  
        D                      B      A B 
Does he exercise by breaking 2 by 4's?  
                      A B 
Just what is his game?  
                     A B 
Could he be enticed?  
                    A  B     
No one's quite lame  
No one's quite nice  
Em          Am      
No more Mr. Nice Guys  
Few are left but him  
Em          Am 
No more Mr. Nice Guys  
The Nice Guys cannot and the Nice Guys  
               G#                 B   Em  Bm  A  Em  Bm A 
shall not, the Nice Guys will not win  
She expressed a strong desire in relieving him of his anxiety  
She succeeded very well for now she's mother to a nice family  
If you had to call a winner you would call it her,  
though she might disagree  
He could be enticed  
His game had to end  
But he's still quite nice  
She sees other men than him  
No more Mr. Nice Guys  
Nice guys won't suffice  
No more Mr. Nice Guys  
The Nice Guys cannot and the Nice Guys  
Shall not, the Nice Guys won't suffice  
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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