Soldiers Of Jah Army

Revolution Cry

Soldiers Of Jah Army

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Revolution Cry

Bm                              G 
For so long I and I feel as if I'm not a part of this world 
Bm                                            G 
For all of its representetive are so secretive 
Bm                                              G 
For so far, there's very little love and an abundunce of hatred 
Bm                                              G 
And is this the legacy I leave for my children? 

Em                                       Bm 
And when you think that it's peace and safety 
Em                                       Bm 
That's when you know it's a sudden destruction 
Em                       Bm  Am        Bm         C                D 
In Rome there is no security One God move forward one destiny 
Bm G Bm G E ei ee Revolution Cry, Oh oh oh Jah never forsake I Bm G Bm G E ei ee Revolution Cry, Oh oh oh Jah never forsake I
Bm G Cuz freedom ain't freedom if you force it Bm G And peace achieved thru war is no peace Bm G Equality don't mean nothing if you fake it Bm G And we already know more than they believe (Ponte + Refrao) Bm G How many of us feel superior Bm G To other in some part of our lives Bm G man has always strive to be the better Bm G And from his brothers his true feelings hide
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