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Jah Atmosphere Ukulele tab

Soldiers Of Jah Army

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by joaoewerton

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Jah Atmosphere

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Intro: Em C Em D Em A G B E|------------7--8--------------10----------------------------------| B|----7/8---8----7/8--10----7/8-----10---8--------------------------| G|------------------------------------------9-----7---7-7/8---------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
In Jah Atmosphere This is not a mental place, nor a physical place, but a spiritual place! Once you have a change to a spiritual place the reaches out in your mental and your physical Changing i and i entirely Em C Em D Em C Em A G B Lord......., there InI must be. Em C Em D Em C Em A G B In Jah Atmosphere InI must be. Em C Em D Em C Em D Lord......., there InI must be.
Em C Em D What would you do to gain the world? Em C Em D Sell our souls for diamond and pearl? Em C Em D What would you do to reach the top Em A G B with smiling face stab a brother in his back Em C Em D What would you do to have it all? Em A Climb a corporate ladder
G B to see your own brother fall? Em C Em D What I'm gonna do on my judgment day, Em A G D when all iniquity fade and righteousness stay (Refrão) Ponte: Em C InI a soldier ïtill the end. Em C I mean it my friend. Em C Em D What would you do for harmony? Em C Em D To finally and permanantly abandon inferiority Em C Em D I can't nothing about what I can't control, Em C Em D just make the children see Em C Em D the past don't have to be their future. Em C Em D See, all of the days before me were filled with hate Em C Em D this war and slvery InI came to late, Em C Em D to feel superiority over any race Em C Em D Black is a mind state..................
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