Slapp Happy

Casablanca Moon

Slapp Happy

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Casablanca Moon

verse 1:
He used to wear fedoras, but now he sports a fez 
There's kabbalistic innuendoes in everything he says 
Sucking on a cigarette, picking up the threads 
Underneath the Casablanca moon 

verse 2: 

He lurks behind a paper in the shadow of a mosque 
He can't count all the continents he's crossed 
Trailing party members, leaving footprints in the frost 
Underneath the Acnalbasac Noom 

Ebm His cover was broken somewhere in Hoboken Bbm The Man said his case was lost C7 His team was sent to the Orient F7 A double agent, double-crossed
verse 3: There's a cocaine stain on his moustache Pieces of his puzzle just don't join People in high places want to stamp his many faces On a Trans-Caucasian coin Interlude Bb He better watch his step, cos sooner or later G Cm F7 They'll find his headless body in a ventilator verse 4: Lines of sweat, like tinsel, start to smart his eyes Neuroses seep like cement through the cracks in his disguise In a dark bordello, broke a mirror with a cry Underneath the Casablanca Moon Verse 5: Yesterday evening, he finally lost his mind The walls fell in, he saw mankind Standing before him, raising their hand In a significant gesture which he didn't understand Chorus Repeat verse 1 Coda: Bb He better watch his step, cos sooner or later G Cm They'll find his headless body in a ventilator
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