Sheryl Crow

Sweet Rosalyn Ukulele tab

Sheryl Crow

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Sweet Rosalyn

  		Intro:  G7   
Verse 1: 
Slappin' leather was devised 
During a wild streak in her life 
She had a cheap apartment up on royal street  
She brought home just enough to keep her on her feet 
E            C          G 
She don't believe in anything 
But if you ask her she'll say 
There's plenty of things to believe in 
G                                      C 
Sweet Rosalyn sometimes you gotta give in 
G                                      C 
Sweet Rosalyn sometimes you gotta give in 
Sometimes you gotta be loved 
Verse 2: 
She got a number off the bathroom wall 
She was lookin for a good time so she made the call 
Got a strangely calm voice on the other line 
Sneaky little priest tryin' to reach out to the swine 
E                 C              G 
He said "Hello my name is Father Tim 
E                                     F 
Seems to me your zeal for this life is wearin a little thin" 
Repeat Chorus 
Solo: G 
E                       C            G   
Well maybe we all could use a little grace 
E                              F 
To know when to run or when to stay in one place 
Repeat Chorus 
Outro: E7 - A7   
(Hammer on and off between E & E7 and A & A7 to end) 

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