Sesame Street

My Name Is You

Sesame Street

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My Name Is You


verse 1: 

My hair is black and red 

F               C 
My hair is yellow 

F           C                   G 
My eyes are brown and green and blue 

My name is Jack and Fred 

F          C 
My name's Amanda Sue 

F             C 
I'm called Kareem Abdu 

G          C 
My name is you. 

verse 2: 

I live in Southern France 

F          C 
I'm from a Texas ranch 

F           C           G 
I come from Mecca and Peru 

I live across the street 

F                 C 
In the mountains, on the beach 

F           C 
I come from everywhere 

G               C 
And my name is you. 

F C We all sing with the same voice G The same song C The same voice F C F We all sing with the same voice G C And we sing in harmony.
verse 3: Sometimes I get mad and mean Sometimes I feel happy And when I want to cry, I do. When I'm by myself at night, I hold my teddy tight Until the morning light My name is you. verse 4: I have sisters one, two, three In my family, there's just me I've got one daddy, I've got two Grandpa helps me cross the street My cat walks on furry feet I love my parakeet My name is you. Chorus VERSE 5: I like to run and climb I like to sit and read I like to watch my TV, too And when it's time for bed, I like my stories read, "Sweet dreams" and "love you" said My name is you. Chorus (2x)
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