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Rhythm of love(com Riff Inicial do Acoustica) Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Evans+Hossel

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Rhythm of love(com Riff Inicial do Acoustica)

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Riff Inicial Tocado Por Matthias Jabs E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------5-5~5--------------------------------------| D|------5-8-5~--------8-5~-------5-8-5~-8-5~--5-5~--10b12--| A|--5-8----------------------5-8---------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Gm Cm7 Let's spend the night together F Gm I know you want it too Gm Cm7 The magic of the moment F Gm Is what I've got for you A# F The heartbeat of this night Eb F Is made to lose control A# F And there is something in your eyes Eb F That's longing for some more
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E|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|--------------5-5~5---| D|------5-8-5~--------8-| A|--5-8-----------------| E|----------------------| Matthias toca essa parte e Rudolph a base abaixo
Gm Cm7 Let us find together F Gm The beat we're looking for Gm F The rhythm of love Eb F Keeps me dancing on the road Gm F The rhythm of love Eb F Got the groove that hits the bone Gm F The rhythm of love Eb F Is the game I'm looking for Gm F The rhythm of love Eb F Is the heartbeat of my soul (Gm Cm7 F Gm) Let's reach the top together One night will never do An exploding shot of pleasure Is what I've got for you (A# F Eb F) Why don't you close your eyes And let your feeling grow I make you feel the taste of life Until your love will flow Let us find together The beat we're longing for qq d˙vida me mandem um mail....
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