Ive Lost The Moon


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Ive Lost The Moon

Bb      F 
Here i am  
With Blue eyes and heart in my hand 
ready to give it away  
                               F     Bb 
but after tonight i think ill think twice 
before i go and say things like  
"Trust me, I swear you can trust me" 
That's just been my way  
                    C         Bb 
of hoping that someone will love me  

but this lovesick boy  
is getting sick again 
So this time around 
i know in my heart i mean it 

Dm C I've lost the moon Bb F C while trying to count the stars Dm C I've lost my mind but thats okay Bb F C cause ive been trying to fix my heart Dm C and if i spend all of my time Bb F c searching for angels in the sky F C ill miss the one whos right here by my side
Interlude: C, Dm, Bb Verse: F C there you are my only hope my second chance Dm im hoping youll give me this one last Bb dance with your heart F i know i know it might be hard C but i will keep you in my arms D ive learned the dangers of straying Bb along with the dangers of waiting C lets do this together ill be yours forever Bridge: Dm or I'd do my best to be C Bb i'd die, I'd die trying Repeat Chorus In the last Chorus when he sings "side" he plays these three chords Dm, C, Bb
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