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Broken-Hearted Melody Ukulele tab

Sarah Vaughan

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by Rowane

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Broken-Hearted Melody

  		Broken-Hearted Melody: Sarah Vaughn  
Intro:      A   A6  |  Am7  A6    
A  A6  Am7       A6    A         A6  Am7   A6  
Bro-------- ken-hearted melody,  
D    Bm7     E7    Bm7        A       A6   Am7   A6  
Once-------   you were our song of love.  
A  A6  Am7       A6       A         A6  Am7   A6  
Now------- you just keep taunting me  
D    Bm7     E7    Bm7          E7  A (N.C.)     F#m   E7   F#m  
With---------- the mem - o - ry  of        her ten - der love.  
E7   A               F#m  
Oh, broken-hearted melody,  
A               F#m  
Must you keep reminding me  
D               E7  
Of the lips I long to kiss  
D               E7  (N.C.)           A         A6  Am7   A6  
And the love I miss since she went away.  
E7                      A A6  Am7   A6   E7  
Night and day they play--               that  
A               F#m  
Broken-hearted melody  
A                F#m  
That she used to sing to me  
D                  E7  
When our love was young and bright  
D                          E7        A         A6  Am7   A6  
And she held me tight.  Suddenly I found  
E7              A A6  Am7   A6   E7  
I was heaven-bound,              Oh,  
A              F#m  
Broken-hearted melody,  
A                   F#m  
Won't you bring her back to me?  
D             E7  
Sing to her until she yearns  
D                      E7              A         A6  Am7   A6  
For when she returns  no more will you be  
       E7                   A           E7  
A broken-hearted melody--.  
        A   A6    |   Am7  A6      

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