Rush of Fools

Your Will Be Done

Rush of Fools

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Your Will Be Done

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: Em C G D 

verse 1 
Em             C      G            D 
This place is broken, So far from where it began 
Nothing like Heaven, Right now I don't understand 

How You are working, I know I'll see in the end 
For now I'm trusting, Only as much as I can 
C                     D 
My heart is screaming out 

G C Your will be done Em Your kingdom come C D My hope is in You G C Lord, don't delay Em Come have Your way C D My hope is in You
verse 2 Em C G D Your thoughts are higher, Than the heavens above You hold the power, But You don't hold back Your love From where I'm standing, I only see it in part Just how You're moving, Help me believe that You are C D My heart is screaming out Bridge Em C G What was broken D Will be whole again C And all will be made new Outro Em C G D
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