Ross Lynch

The Butterfly Song

Ross Lynch

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The Butterfly Song


C            F       G 
I'm a little butterfly 
C                    F   G 
Spread my colorful wings 
C               F         G 
Even though I'm small and frail 
C             F     G 
I can do most anything 
Am          F     G 
Caterpillar in my cocoon 
I'm gonna be a butterfly soon 

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e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|------------------------| D|---------------2-----5--| A|--3-----5---------------| E|------------------------|
C F G I'm a little butterfly C F G I can soar through the sky C F G So glad I ended up like this C F G Thanks to metamorphosis C F G C I'm a butterfly F G C I'm a butterfly, yeah F G C I'm a butterfly
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