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Will You Remember Me Ukulele tab

Rosanne Cash

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Will You Remember Me

  		From the Album :Rules of Travel, No CAPO to play with record 

Intro: D: pull off the B and G strings_D -D - G 

D                  G                   A 
Will you remember me, like the circled stones,? 

D              G                      A 
On the ancient hills where you walk alone?? 

D                   G              A 
Where the wind can speak my secret name,? 

         Bm      G                   A       D 
Like the air you breathe, will you remember me??? 

D                 G                     A 
Will you remember me, as your airplane flies?? 
D            G                A 
Over foreign seas and breaking skies.? 
D              G                       A 
Like a perfect child you can't bear to leave.? 
         Bm        G               A       D 
In your last long days, will you remember me?? 

?Instrumental break.: D-A Bm G A D G A Gm F C Em A ? 

D                  G                  A 
Will you remember me, on the edge of life,? 
D               G                    A 
Where time runs slow; where song can fly.? 
D                   G                     A 
In these shuttered rooms where we say goodbye.? 
           Bm     G               A         
When the soul is free, will you remember?? 
                Bm      G                   A      D 
When there's no need to breathe, will you remember me? 

Ending- Intro Riff to fade 
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