Roger Hodgson

The Garden Ukulele tab

Roger Hodgson

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The Garden


Am                         G        Em                 Am  
Walk around the garden, choking at the weeds  
                                  G           Em                       Am  
Won't you come and help me try and sow some seeds  
                              G         Em                       Am  
All the trees are weeping, branches hanging low  
C                           G                    Em               Am  
Seems as if they know that they haven't long to go  

Am                         G     Em                        Am  
All the world's a funfair, hide behind your mask  
 C                     G            Em               Am  
Say that you're enjoying it if anybody asks  
                           G         Em                   Am  
Don't believe in sinners, don't believe in sin  
                           G                             Am  
Love is all the answers so why don't we begin  

G                                    F  
Taking up the story that Jesus told  
C            Em         Am  
It's older than the years  
G                                              F  
All the seeds he planted have blossomed  
        Em          G         Am  
Into concrete walls of fear  

Am              G           Em                Am  
Lying in the garden, gazing at the stars  
                       G       Em                 Am  
Like to send a letter to the men on Mars  
                        G            Em                 Am  
Asking if they'd help us, help us if they could  
C                               G                       Em                       Am  
Come and weed this garden ... or do you think they should?   

Membro autor da transcrição: Zero Grau  
Email: [email protected] 

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