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My Heart Stood Still Ukulele tab

Rod Stewart

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My Heart Stood Still

  		D  D9   D   G  G7M G6 
I took one look at you, 
D      D9  D   G  G7M G6 
That's all I meant to do, 
D    G   D   G/B  A7/9    D    Bm7  Bb9  A7 
And then my heart stood still! 
D  D9    D     G   G7M G6 
My feet could step and walk, 
D   D9    D    G   G7M G6 
My lips could move and talk, 
D    G  D   G/B  A7/9    D 
And yet my heart stood still! 
Dm        D9 Dm               
Though not a single word was spoken,  
        Gm  Fdim  A7 
I could tell you knew  
Dm      D9   Dm 
That unfelt clasp of hands  
           A7/13- A7 
Told me so well you knew. 
D  D9   D   G   G7M G6 
I nev - er lived at all 
D    D9   D    G   G7M  G6 
Un - til the thrill of that  
D     G    D   Em7 G/B  A7/9    D 
Moment when my heart stood still. 
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