Rod Stewart

Another Country Ukulele tab

Rod Stewart

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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Another Country

  		Enjoy!! :D 

A  D A F#m E A 

verse 1 
Everyday Iím awake, 
          D             A  
Iíve been thinking about you 
      F#m            D      E 
And I canít get you over my mind 
Youíre the girl of my dreams, 
    D            A 
The mother of my children 
       F#m            D     E   A 
Iím as proud as any man can be alive 

       F#m                       A 
As the wind blows heavy down the mountain side 
        F#m                      E 
And the darkness of night closes in 

As I lie in my bed 
      D                A 
I can hear your heart pounding 
     F#m     D      E   A 
far away in another country 
     F#m     D      E   A 
far away in another country 

verse 2 
And I dream of the day 
         D               A 
Weíll be packin' up and leaving 
     F#m           D            E 
This God-forsaken corner of the world 
Are the boys getting taller? 
        D             A 
Is your tummy getting broader? 
      F#m            D      E      A 
Do we know if itís a boy or itís a girl? 

      F#m                           A 
And I reach out to touch you in the middle of the night 
      F#m                         E 
And I swear you are lying next to me 

But youíre not, Iím awake 
        D          A 
With my poor heart aching 
     F#m     D      E   A 
Far away in another country 
     F#m     D      E   A 
Far away in another country 

E                          F#m  
One of these bright, sunny days 
         D                     A  
Iíll be coming down that road again 
    E            F#m  
My journey at an end 
    D                E 
God bless you until then 


A ...(all the way) 


A    D  A  F#m  D  E  

A    D  A  F#m  D E A 

verse 3 
How I miss, how I miss 
     D             A                  
The colour of the springtime  
        F#m         D                   E 
and the moonlight, shining through your hair 
Say hello to my friends  
    D          A 
and all of our kindred 
         F#m      D   E  A 
Tell them I will soon be there 

          F#m                 A 
Thereís a tear in my eye as I try to sleep 
        F#m                       E       
Are the boys still calling out my name 

A D A Tell 'em, ídaddyís in a fight between good and evil F#m D E A Far away in another country F#m D E A Far away in another country F#m D E A Far away in another country"
OUTRO A D A F#m D E ...Oh yeah! A D A F#m D E A Mmm Hmmm
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