Ricky Nelson

Poor litle fool

Ricky Nelson

ukulele Beginner beginner


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Poor litle fool

Capo on 4th fret
	  		"Intro:   Play in G,          G  Em  Am  D7  (2x) 
   G                            Em 
I used to play around with hearts 
Am                  D7 
Hasten to my call, 
     G                    Em 
When I met that little girl, 
   Am                     D7 
I knew that I would fall 
                  G       Em 
Poor little fool, Oh yea, 
Am       D7   G 
I was a fool, Uh huh 
      Em   Am                                 G 
(Uh huh, poor little fool,I was a fool, oh yea)    Em   Am   D7 
G                                        Em 
She played around and teased me, 
Am                            D7 
With a carefree devil eye 
G                                    Em 
She pulled me close and kissed me, 
Am                            D7 
But her heart was full of lies 
Repeat Chorus 
G                                    Em 
She told me that she cared for me, 
Am                              D7 
And that we'd never part 
G                         Em 
So for the very first time, 
Am                     D7 
I gave away my heart 
Repeat Chorus 
G                     Em 
Next day she was gone and I, 
Am                    D7 
Knew she lied to me 
     G                    Em 
She left me with a broken heart, 
Am                D7 
Won her victory 
Repeat Chorus 
G                                           Em 
I played this game with other hearts, 
Am                                D7 
But I never thought I d see 
G                                                  Em 
The day when someone else would   play 
Am                                D7 
love s foolish game with me 
Repeat Chorus 

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