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San Francisco Bay Blues Ukulele tab

Richie Havens

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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San Francisco Bay Blues

Introdução: Dm, Dm7, Dm6, Dm5, Dm5 (Dm na casa 8, na 7...) 
D                       G                    D 
I got the blues from my baby left me by the San  
Francisco Bay 
 G                       D     D7 
The ocean line?s gone so far away 
G                                             D 
Didn?t mean to treat her so bad, she was the best  
girl I ever have had 
E7                                   A7 
She said goodbye, I can take a cry, I want to lay down and die 
D                         G                   D  D7 
I ain?t got a nickel and I ain?t got a lousy dime 
G                                          F#7 
She don?t come back, think I?m gonna loose my mind 
G                                       D 
If she ever gets back to stay, it?s gonna be  
another brand new day 
E7                    A7                D A7 
Walking with my baby down the San Francisco Bay 
                   G                                  F7 
Thought I heard my baby, Lord, the way she used to call my name 
G                                         D 
If I ever get back to stay, it?s going to be  
another brand new day 
E7                      B7               G 
Walking with my baby    Talking to my baby 
B7               G        B7              E7 
Playing to my baby        Playing to my baby 
E7                              A7 
When i go walking with my baby down the San  
            D  A 
Francisco Bay 
Contribuição: Lui Holleben([email protected]) 

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