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We believe Ukulele tab

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by ferpepper

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We believe

Year: 2006 - Album: Stadium Arcadium

  		Intro:Em  Bm (4x) 
   (Em Bm) 
The curtain 
Is open 
A head to  
Put dope in 
Now we will 
Come clean it 
The future 
We?ve seen it 
No, no ,I know, I say no no 
   (Em Bm) 
It?s like a dream 
That falls away 
Into the night  
Where we can play  
I?m on a train 
One happy day 
Two eyes for sign  
Three times I pray 
   (Em Bm) 
Soda pop  
We?ve got to set up shop 
And when the weather comes 
We?ve got a pressure drop 
We don?t know 
But everyday I go 
To see what I can bring 
Into a cameo  
Oh oh oh no 
Em G Am G We believe, We believe Em Climb a tree
For monkey business G Write a check out to forgiveness Am All the world on half an acre G Pushing dirt into a Quaker (Em Bm) The mission The method The downfall Arrest ?Cuz it?s now The first time Nor is it The worst No no oh no (Em Bm) To see the bird Without a care For in a word It?s nice out there In a tree My mama bear Will be all right With proper care (Em Bm) Hey hey hey do C D C D Em Bm Em Bm (Em Bm) Boomerang Into a bigger bang A little cry of love Because they cannot sing Cherokee What did the pharaoh see Another time and space Another place to be
(Em Bm) The motive The measure The purpose The pleasure (Em Bm) The risk in It worth The disc is It perfect (Em Bm) I found you Amongst them The flower With young stem (Em Bm) Disparage The broken The marriage Elpin?
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