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Rolling Sly Stone. Ukulele tab

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by abada2

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Rolling Sly Stone.

  		Tirando a Bridge e o Refrão a musica toda é representada pela tablatura  
I shout be on my way,I really ought not stay..... 
         E            G 
Refrão: do do do dit do(4x) 
 C         G             Am  
 oh,sure enought I love you 
 C         G        Am 
 oh sure,enought I do  
 C          G          Am 
 so just remember who you 
 C          G       Am 
 who you surrender to 
repita a tablatura nesta parte: 
I'm off a wonderland,just in my second hand..... 
 Bridge:Em7 Eb C 
 let your jaw decide 
 let your jaw devide  
 Eb             C 
 everything we do 
 let your motor ride  
 let your motor ride  
 Eb             C 
 everything we do 

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