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Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by ferpepper

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Year: 2006 - Album: Stadium Arcadium

  		 intro: A D E A D E 
And if had a clue I'd know esactly  
What to do 
D                   E                A 
If were the wiser of the two 
And if I saw it all so clear 
I'd write it down and bend your ear 
D                    E                 A 
If I were the clear of the two 
We could take a walk into the 
Canyons of 5th avenue 
Sing and dance... 
Just to name a few 
F  G  A  F  G  A 
All I do, All I do 
A D E  
And if heard the angels sing I'd 
Sing it back to you and bring the 
D                             E                       A 
Sound of heaven ringing  just for you 
And if I saw the sun fall down 
I'd pick it up and make a crown 
D                                     E         A 
One that was a perfect fit for you 
We could take a walk 
Into the apple archard by the school 
E                                      A 
We could make a little residue 
We could find a place to stay 
A secret little hide away 
E                                              A 
Spend a little time inside of you 
F  G  A  F  G  A 
All I do, All I do 
F     E       F    E 
All eyes, All eyes 
F      E          D 
All eyes on you 
F      D    F     D    F    D    F     D 
All I do, All I do, All I do, All I do 

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