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Especially in michigan Ukulele tab

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by ferpepper

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Especially in michigan

Year: 2006 - Album: Stadium Arcadium

  		Intro.F#m A E D 
F#m     A 
Life is my friend 
Rake it up to take it in 
F#m                    A 
Wrap me your cinnamon 
E                     B     F#m    
Especially in Michigan 
     E                  B           F#m    A  E 
?well I could be your friend 
F#m                A 
White clouds I?m in 
A mitten full of fisherman  
F#m                   A 
C?mon Huckleberry rum Finn 
E                             B         F#m    
Show me how to make her grin 
     E                B       F#m  A  E 
?well I?m in Michigan 
Cry me a future 
                    E                           F#m 
Where the revelations rum amok 
Ladies and gentleman  
A                                      E 
Lions and tigers come running 
                           F#m  D 
Just to steal your lu   ck 
F#m                   A 
A rainy Lithuanian  
              E                        B 
Who?s dancing as an Indian 
F#m                           A 
Painted in my tiger skin 
   B                           A 
(Especially in Michigan) 
F#m                           A 
Double chins and bowling pins 
      E                 B 
Unholy presbyterians  
F#m                        A 
Land is full of medicine 
     E                           B       F#m   A  E 
I find it when I?m slipping in 
               B     F#m 
?into Michigan 
F#m                        A 
The tainted new librarian  
          E                             B 
Who fainted when she tucked you in 
           F#m                       A 
Let?s float away like zeppelins  
           E                                  B 
(On stoic guts of Northern wind) 
Out on the farm we?ll be 
E                                               F#m 
Swimming whit the mother duck 
Deep in the mitten where 
A                                       E 
Lions and tigers come running 
                            F#m     D 
Just to steal your lu      ck 
F#m    A  E  C#  (5x)  
F#m     A 
Life is my friend 
     E                C# 
Underwater violins 
F#m                              A 
Order now from Ho Chin Min 
        E                   B 
?When I?m in Michigan 
F#m                            A 
Throw me in looney bin 
   E                                         B 
?Cause I can take it on the chin  
F#m                                         A 
The cleavage of your pillow skin 
    E                         B 
(Is moving like a violin) 

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