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Did I Let You Know? Ukulele tab

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by educastilho

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Did I Let You Know?

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Intro: e|----10~---------8-10-8-----13\10--10-----6---6---6------8---------| B|-----8~------11--------11----------------6---6---6------6---------| G|-----8~----------------------------------7---8---7------7---------| D|----10~----------------------------------8---8---8------8---------| A|-----8------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----8------------------------------------------------------------| Refrão: e|-----------------------------------------| B|---1--1--1--------3--3--3----------------| G|---2--2--2--------3--3--3----------------| D|---3--3--3--------5--5--5----------------| (2x) A|---3--3--3--------5--5--5----------------| E|---1--1--1--------3--3--3----------------| e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--2--2--2------4--4--4------3--3--3-----3--3--3----------------------------| G|--3--3--3------5--5--5------3--3--3-----3--3--3----------------------------| D|--3--3--3------5--5--5------5--5--5-----5--5--5----------------------------| A|--1--1--1------3--3--3------5--5--5-----5--5--5----------------------------| E|----------------------------3--3--3-----3--3--3----------------------------|
Cm I'm comin for you cause cause I adore you and A# I'd like to get inside your mass production Cm This indecision has has got me cringin well A# I can't resist the smell of your seduction Cm Did I let you know? Would you like to go A# Unwrap the package with a mutt persuasion Cm Did I let you know? Would you like to go A# I wanna dance to every day's occasion Refrão: F Gm F Gm This I know, yeah this I know! (Take me home, well take me home) A# Cm Gm This I know we not alone! (Take me home, take me home) Cm When we invision, lack of division and A# The planet does another revolution Cm The day I blew on ya you said I grew on ya A# Turns out that we are all the one solution GO! ( Cm A# ) Cm I'm comin at you well, you are the cap too and A# I like the sound of your articulations Cm Want to arouse her and maybe espouse her well A# She showed me love with out the stipulations Cm I wanna lean on you, get jan and dean on ya A# It's time to sway a little mass perception Cm I like your cheeky well, so mose and peaky and A# I think the world could use a clear connection Cm Did I let you know? A# Would you like to go? Cm Did I let you know? A# Would you like to go? Cm Did I let you know? A# Would you like to go?
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