Randy Rogers

Reason To Stay

Randy Rogers

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Reason To Stay

	  		D   G   D   G 
D               G                          D 
You look pretty good after all that you've seen 
                      G                         D 
Your smile's still as bright as it's ever been 
                       G                                  D 
But you wont show your eyes cause you're scared that they might 
             G                           Bm    
Show all the world what you told me last night 
              G                    Bm 
And you're so tired of just being alive 
              G                  A  
And you're so sad you could just cry 

D G I'd sing you the sweetest songs, and hold you so long D G And make you forget all the reasons A Asus4 You talked about leaving this place G A D If you're thinking bout leaving, A D I could give you a reason to stay
You seem pretty calm after what you have done Always rehearsed and you impress everyone You're covered so well, that no one can tell Your skin is on fire and your heart is in hell And you're so tired of just being alive And you're so sad you could just cry Chorus Bridge: Bm A G A If you gotta go, you ought to know I won?t stand in your way Bm A G A Just give me time and I'll change your mind Soon you'll forget yesterday Instrumental Chorus
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