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Texas Chaisaw Massacre Ukulele tab


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by carol%5Fvice

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Texas Chaisaw Massacre

  		A   F#  B   E 
Oh, oh, oh, wohoho  (2x) 
A                 F# 
Sitting here with nothin' to do 
A                     F# 
Sitting here thinkin' only of you 
B                    E 
But you'll never get out of there 
B                E 
She'll never get out of there. 
Sitting here with... 
        F#      E 
I don't care, wohoho. 
Texas chain saw massacre 
They took my baby away from me 
But she'll never get out of there 
She'll never get out of there 
Texas Chaisaw massacre.. 
I don't care, wohoho. 
   When I saw her on the corner 
   She told me told me told me told me 
   She wouldn't go far 
   Ooh, now I know I'm so much in love 
   'Cause she's the only girl that I'm ever thinking of. 
Texas chain saw...  (2x) 
I don't care, wohoho. 
      A               F# 
      Texas chain saw massacre  (2x) 
         A      F# 
      Oh no, oh yeah  (4x & fade out) 

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