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Pet Sematary (Ao Vivo) Ukulele tab


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Pet Sematary (Ao Vivo)

{ intro e canto: Em, F#, G } 
Under the arc of a weather stain boards 
Ancient goblins, and warlords 
Come out of the ground, not making a sound 
The smell of death is all around 
A                      B 
And the night when the cold wind blows 
A        B              G   G   
No one cares, noobody knows 
B D A G I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary B A G A I don't want to live my life again
I don't wanna be buried... { E, F#, G } Follow Victor to the sacred place This ain't a dream, I can't escape Molars and fangs, the clicking of bones Spirits moaning among the tombstones { PRÉ REFRÃO } And the night, when the moon is bright Someone cries, something ain't right { REFRÃO } I don't wanna be buried... I don't wanna be buried... G B G A { Em, F#, G } The moon is full, the air is still All of a sudden I feel a chill Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away Skeletons dance, I curse this day { PRÉ REFRÃO } And the night, when the wolves cry out Listen close and you can hear me shout { REFRÃO } I don't wanna be buried... I don't wanna be buried... { PRE REFRÃO } SÓ OS ACORDES E FIM! FAÇA OS ACORDES SÓ COM 2 DEDOS QUE A MÚSICA FICARÁ PERFEITA. _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Breno Degan([email protected])
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