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Make It Wit Chu Ukulele tab

Queens Of The Stone Age

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by tarikike

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Make It Wit Chu

Year: 2007 - Album: Era Vulgaris

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Cmaj7/G A A7 E7 |-0----------0----0----0---| |-0----------2----2----0---| |-0----------2----0----1---| |-2----------2----2----0---| |-3----------0----0----2---| |-3----------0----0----0---|
(verse 1) Cmaj7/G A A7 You wanna know if I know where E7 I can't say that I do Cmaj7/G A A7 Don't understand the evil and E7 Or how one becomes two Cmaj7/G A A7 I just can't recall what started it all E7 Or how to begin the end Cmaj7/G A A7 I ain't here to break it E7 Just see how far it will bend (Chorus) Cmaj7/G A I wanna make it A7 E7 I wanna make it wit chu (verse 2) Sometimes the same is different But mostly it's the same These mysteries of life That just ain't my thang If I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon I'd be untrue The only thing I know for sure Is what I won't do Anytime, anywhere
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