Queens Of The Stone Age

3s And 7s Acoustic

Queens Of The Stone Age

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3s And 7s Acoustic

	  		Tuning: Capo on first fret 

Note: Clearly not the chords they play, but these ones are more  
suited to an acoustic player. Timing is hard, there is no real 
timing to this so if it sounds right go for it. I've only tabbed 
the intro\verse of this song but at least this bit sounds awesome. 
I'll tab the rest later so keep a look out. 


Am - C - Am - G - D/F# - Em 


Am - C - Am - G - D/F# - Em 
Lie, lie to my face, 
Tell me it ain't no thing, 
That's what I wanna hear. 

Am - C - Am - G - D/F# - Em 
Take, a lie to the grave, 
That's what and old friend told me, 
Look at what it did for him. 

Am - C - Am - G - D/F# - Em 
Run, you'll never escape, 
You see you go nowhere (so new you appear), 

Am - C - Am - G - D/F# - Em 
Broke, laid to waste, 
Turn into sweet nothings, 
That kiss you goodbye. 
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