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Rise Ukulele tab

Praise and Worship

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by terr%5Fschmitz

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  		Riff:  C  Am F 

verse 1: 
C                                   Am           F 
All the earth come alive, lift your eyes to the morning  
C                                 Am             F     C 
Let our hearts beat again with a lifeblood that never fails  
      Am            F     C     Am  F  C 
Your love, it will never fail 

verse 2: 
Breaking down the divide in a holy collision  
The Divine in disguise took the cross for our sin and shame  
Our God You will never fail 

verse 3: 
See the lost in return, swing the doors ever wider  
See the tide, as it turns, love and mercy is on the rise 
As the world folds into Your light, all creation will see Your light 

verse 4: 
Hear the sound of freedom rise as our song breaks the silence  
Echoing the angel cry, let us lift up Your holy Name  
Hereafter to sing Your praise, forever and ever 

C                                    G 
We will hold, we will love, we will fall in surrender  
Am                                  F                    C 
We will rise, we will run, we will live to declare Your Name  
   G                   Am       F                        C 
Forever to bring You praise, forever we'll lift up Your Name 

Verse 5: 
The universe on its knees, see the stars in surrender  
God above kings and queens, every idol will bend and break  
But our God You will never fail, forever and ever 

C                     G 
Swing the doors wider, sound the praise louder  
Am                    F                        Am 
All our hearts cry out, for the glory of Your Name 
     G                  F 
Our God You will never fail 

Lift the Name higher, shine the light brighter  
All the earth cry out for the glory of Your Name  
Our God You will never fail, forever we'll lift up Your Name 
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