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There's A Place For Us Ukulele tab

Phil Collins

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by Matthewflood

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There's A Place For Us

Year: 1993 - Album: Both Sides


Abmaj7, Bmaj7, Cm7, Bb/Ab, Gm7, Cm, Gm7, Cm, Abadd9, Bb,  

verse 1, 2, 3: 

Abmaj7                          Bmaj7 
             So here we are together,  

Cm7                  Bb/Ab                    
just you and me,           sitting side by side; 

Gm7             Cm            
             don't know why, 

Gm7                              Cm 
         with time just racing by.  

Abadd9                             Bb  
            But I don't wanna go 

Fm7   Eb/G     Abadd9 
Here I am, take my hand 

Fm7       Eb/G                 Abadd9  
here I am,      please take my hand 

Bb                                                Abadd9 
    I'd like to sit here with you if that's alright,  

Bb                                                    Abadd9 
    If you don't mind I could sit and stare all night, 

Bb                                       Abadd9 
   I sit here waiting for you to hold me tight.  

(To Verse) 


C                                                      Dm/C 
Well if you look close you can see my heart is on my sleeve, 

and it'll be here waiting. 

F/C                                  C 
Waiting for you, waiting for me 

And someone once said, that if you truly, truly believe 

             Cm7                                                F/C 
you can make things happen, make things appear to be 

all that they seem.  

                            (To Verse, Instrumental) 
Tell me, do you believe? 

(Verse, Instrumental)  


Fm7            Eb/G        Abadd9 
      We'll find       a hideaway 

Fm7    Eb/G            Abadd9 
      Together we'll find a way. 

                 Fm7               Eb/G 
Somewhere,      somehow,  

we'll find some way. 

There must be somewhere,  

there must be some place,  

we can find somewhere, 

where they don't know my face, 

    Bb                        Abadd9 
believe me, we can find it, 

we can find it, we can find it, we can find it 

Abadd9                                 Bb 
           Somewhere, there's a place for us 

Abadd9                                Bb 
     Somewhere, a time and a place for us 


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